How do you tell if the wiring harness is burned out?

How do you tell if the wiring harness is burned out?

Wiring harnesses need to be replaced if the following symptoms occur:

Wiring harness processing _ wiring harness burning out the rule is: in the power system circuit, where the iron, the wiring harness is burned, burned and intact parts junction, can be considered to be the wiring harness, such as wiring harness burning bad to the wiring part of an electrical equipment, indicating that the electrical equipment failure.

1) battery line is burnt out

(1) if the battery line only burned part, then check and cable burned out in contact with the parts, after cleaning burr replacement battery line.

(2) such as the battery line all burned out, that starter failure. Connect the test lamp in the starter electromagnetic switch + pole and the positive pole of the battery. If the test lamp does not work, it indicates that the starter internal failure.

Single Wire Seal Used In Electrical Connector

2) if the wiring harness between the generator + pole and the terminal post of the starter battery burns out and stops the generator, remove and release the lead wire of the motor + pole, connect a power cord between the battery + pole, and the other end contacts the generator + pole. If sparks occur, the generator fails; if no sparks occur, the wiring harness fails.

3) wiring harness and relay leads are burnt out

(1) turn off the power switch, remove the relay, let it hang in the air, between the relay shell and the body access test lamp, such as the light, that the relay fault; If the light does not work, proceed to the following steps.

(2) turn on the power switch, if the test lamp does not work, that the relay is trouble-free, only replace the wiring harness, if the test lamp shows that the relay is faulty, the relay should be replaced.

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